Sunday, September 19, 2010

There's someone waiting for you!!!

I have to give credit to my parents for taking me to church. Because of them I was able to get saved. Now I get to live my life in heaven. Some of you might have been influenced by a neighbor, friend, relative, or just showing up in church. All of us are grateful for those people taking time out of there lives to influence us. A life changing experience. That changed our lives forever. Now it's time to pay it forward. It's time to pick out a person in your life to change. It might be someone you know or don't know. It doesn't matter. Someone years ago did it for you. See how it changed your life, and now it's time to do it for someone else. Be that person that changes lives. Be a life changer for Christ. It's easy to do nothing, and that is what you'll get out of it. Nothing!! When you do something you will reap the rewards of it. Just think. When you get someone saved. All of Heaven rejoices. That has to be an awesome sound. So let's get heaven into a party mode. Where it's a non-stop rejoicing. So this week. Take time out of your life and get into someone else's.