Monday, February 27, 2012

Start with a penny and get millions!

God is such a giving God. It says in his word that whatever we ask for we shall recieve. We just have to step out and ask. I'm not against the prosperity preaching out there. I have the problem on how they deliver it and how people recieve it. God does want us prosperous. It shows through out the bible. The thing is He want's us prosperous so we can bless everyone around us. For the most part we are all blessed by God already. We just miss use the funds. Take away our car payments, credit card bills, cable, internet, and all the eating out. You'll find out that you have more than enough coming in. We just choose bad spending habits. Change those habits and you'll have more than enough. Ok back to my thought's. God wants us to bless everyone around us. When's the last time you paid for a strangers meal, gas, bill, house payment, or even groceries. There's people all around us that are going through tough times and we sit on our pocket books spending money wastefully. Our own neighbors are digging money out of there sofa's to try to by bread to feed to their kids. While we are eating steaks. We need to change our thinking. We need to be blessing others before we look at ourselves. We need to put other's before us. Jesus did! If you call yourself a Christian you should be to. Because as a christian you should becoming like Christ. God is only giving you enough money that you can handle. You want more. Then starting blessing more people and He'll bless you more. Be happy for what you have, and start blessing people with it. My goal and dream is to pay people's mortgages off one day, but for now. We are going to bless people by giving them what they need now.

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